Small joys

the weather has sent us backwards, the lovely spring days are gone and we are back to less nice temperatures and cloudy skies with rain, slush and winds. Still the early spring flowers pop up and bring color and joy to the brown tones of spring.

This was good in away, my husband painted my office and I arranged the furniture slightly differently. Looks nice and clean. Now I have to figure what to hang on the wall and where? I don’t’ have a clear vision as yet. One thing has come with growing older, I do not need to have everything ready right away as I did when younger.

Kuvan kuvausta ei ole saatavilla.
Kuvan kuvausta ei ole saatavilla.

13 thoughts on “Small joys

  1. “One thing has come with growing older, I do not need to have everything ready right away as I did when younger.” Yes, I can identify with that; getting older, there is far less of an urgency about things and, in my view, that can only be to the good. 🙂

      1. Particularly in “modern life”, which is known here as the “busy modern lifestyle”, we can get into the frame of mind of expecting everything to be instantaneous, and so everything becomes urgent. When I bought something in a shop recently and said that I was in no hurry to be served, the shopkeeper said that most people demand instant service and become agitated when it is not forthcoming. I think the thing is, to sit back and look at things in perspective – some things are urgent, but many are far from that. 🙂

        1. Most are not, most of us get impatient if we have to wait. Once I was in a store and was not in a hurry, I let the sales person serve to other shoppers even though we had already started our communication about my needs. She was happy that she got the two other sales also that when we finally got to the register to pay for my purchase she gave lots of extra samples at the check out. I do have to say I hate lines – but I make an effort not to shop when it’s busy. And well busy is a state of mind that is in the cities. People are in less hurry in the countryside I find…

        2. Yes, I agree, “busy is in the cities”, and an excellent eg is London – the place simply tires me out and I haven’t been there for many years – it is quite different from the rest of the UK. 🙂

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