Small joys

the weather has sent us backwards, the lovely spring days are gone and we are back to less nice temperatures and cloudy skies with rain, slush and winds. Still the early spring flowers pop up and bring color and joy to the brown tones of spring.

This was good in away, my husband painted my office and I arranged the furniture slightly differently. Looks nice and clean. Now I have to figure what to hang on the wall and where? I don’t’ have a clear vision as yet. One thing has come with growing older, I do not need to have everything ready right away as I did when younger.

Kuvan kuvausta ei ole saatavilla.
Kuvan kuvausta ei ole saatavilla.


A yellow crocus emerged to give color to my still very brown garden, though there is lots of moss to give the nature a green boost. Still waiting for the grass to grow.

Macro_ Pussy willows (27 of 33)Macro_ Pussy willows (29 of 33)

Scent of spring

I’m participating in’s Wild Weekly Photo Challenge. This week’s Challenge is: Scent!

The scent of spring, juniper berries, dandelion, lupine leafs, pine tree top, crocus…and few I don’t know the names

juniper berry Scent! juniper berry Scent! Lupine Scent! Scent! Scent! Scent! Scent! Pine Scent! Dandelion Scent! Scent!


picstory # 95 – beautiful

Spring in Kirkkonummi

tina´s wordless wednesday # 85

Spring has finally arrived to us here in Kirkkonummi, Finland. Yesterday  in the garden, I saw the crocuses were in bloom and  spotted the first wood anemone’s  in the forest.

The catkins were still in going strong – and there was still some ice in the ditch by the road.

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