Listening to spring


I went for a walk, watched and listened to spring. Melting snow, running water. Blue sky and the slight breeze.

a sign of spring

Pussy willow is a name given to willows and sallows when their furry catkins are young in early spring. Early Spring – Yes!!!!!

May – Macro#1

After the rain had stopped I went looking for signs of spring. Looking for macro shots or at least close-ups. The catkins were so nicely covered with droplets so I took this to be my first May there topic. Happy May first to all and regards from rainy Finland.

Spring in Kirkkonummi

tina´s wordless wednesday # 85

Spring has finally arrived to us here in Kirkkonummi, Finland. Yesterday  in the garden, I saw the crocuses were in bloom and  spotted the first wood anemone’s  in the forest.

The catkins were still in going strong – and there was still some ice in the ditch by the road.

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