Adjusting to a new period of time

Adjusting to a new rhythm, waking up earlier and leaving the house to go to work. I am not keen morning person, but summer and the light makes it so much easier. Winter, well then is is So , So hard, but no need to worry about that now.

I try to keep some kind of post flow, but we will see how I succeed. Tomorrow is Friday, hurray for that.

As in previous posts I have been capturing the bloom of nature. The same theme continues here. Hope you enjoy them. I spotted also a blue heart formation, but not as pretty as the one I posted previously im my opinion.

 Stinging nettles

Looking closely at this plant that makes a memorable impression on you if you touch it in the foliage that is covered with stinging, mildly poisonous hairs, causing an instant rash.
The stinging nettles, looks pretty when looking at it closely, as most plants do.

European Bird Cherry blossom

I was walking taking photos of nature blooming – lost my spectacles luckily found them as I had to go through the same spots again. I was a bit frustrated, as I have lost two pair of sunglasses while taking photos. One in the rapids of Kumiankoski few years back, One in the Chapora River in India.

Well that had nothing to do with these photos.

Apple tree in bloom

The apple tree flowers together with cherry tree flowers together make a lovely pair.

Apple tree in bloom

Wood cranesbill and butter cup

Spring in Kirkkonummi

tina´s wordless wednesday # 85

Spring has finally arrived to us here in Kirkkonummi, Finland. Yesterday  in the garden, I saw the crocuses were in bloom and  spotted the first wood anemone’s  in the forest.

The catkins were still in going strong – and there was still some ice in the ditch by the road.

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