Diversity shop

This store, Kasvihuoneilmiö (greenhouse effect) is as you can see a store and sight to visit, the stuff they have is so Kitsch or tacky or just plain odd, that somehow it is appealing, and they are not cheap. to end the visit we had coffee and a sugar coated doughnut, it was so good, still warm and fresh and huge 🙂

I was complating on purchasing this golden chair and the statue behind it , not …

How to survive November ~20

Mission accomplished

My oh my, laziness!

I have been busy at work and the result from that is,  that I have been lazy at night. Watching television, I know it’s old fashioned, I have to correct myself,  watching Netflix, same but different 🙂 

Well, today I visited a store called Country White, looking for a parting gift. My boss is moving on,  I can’t say I’m happy about it, as she has been a good one. Life goes on… Champagne Coolers was the thing I was looking for and I found one. So mission accomplished.  I found something to take photos of.