Breakfast at Joe’s

Before we left towards our drive to Big Sur we had a nice american breakfast at Joe’s Place in Paso Robles. The owner is a patriot, by the look of the memorabilia and photos on the walls.. Also lot of old movie stars pictures- Ladies room had pictures of old leading men. I did not visit the men’s room, but I heard lovely ladies covered the walls. We do not have these kind of diners/ breakfast places in Finland so this was a rare opportunity to do this kind of breakfast. I was going to skip this part, but my husband let me understand that this should be in the “diary” of our trip.

11 thoughts on “Breakfast at Joe’s

  1. I love places like this. Sometimes the restrooms are the most interesting part of a restaurant! Glad your husband persuaded you to stay.

  2. We love eating breakfast at the counter of small diners like this. Wonderful photos that make me want to visit it.

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