2-47: Monochrome Madness :Straight

This weeks theme is straight – well these are straight lines in various shades of black, white  and grey. Not the most beautiful photo – but somehow I like it. SO this is my entry to Monochrome Madness this week.straight - Ritva Sillanmäki (4 of 4)

MM 2-44: Monochrome Madness

This is my first entry to Monochome Madness this year, I love doing them but I have been slow in getting into the groove of blogging after my holiday. I have this in color, but love the shape of this tree so I decided to try it in Monochrome.

Chapora River (54)-3

Monochrome Madness – KHWAE RIVER BRIDGE



Monochrome Madness Week 12 – iela in Riga


How do you think it looks in B&W

iela in Riga

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Monochrome Madness Week

Monochrome Madness Week 11 – Drops

Ritva Sillanmäki -drops

How do you think it looks in B&W

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Monochrome Madness Week 11

Monochrome Madness Week 10 – A rowing boat

RS 2014-4-2


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Monochrome Madness Week 10

MONOCHROME MADNES Week 9 – Lighthouse light

RS 2014

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