Something I noticed #28

Something I noticed is that I was not able to do all thirty-one posts of Something I noticed. I truly tried. SO this is my last post on this theme. I saw this decoration on a gate

I think I am going to go floral next month? Flowers to celebrate the colors of the season? Or should I call it color of the day…I may repeat the the color many times, who knows. This all is still under consideration.

Something I noticed #22

Gates are not so common nowadays, so it was something noticed. A white gate with an inviting path.


Goa India, Panjim -corridor

The Weekend in Black and White


More at. Friday, 14th February, 2014.

Värikollaasi 118

Värikollaasi 118

I thought I would not find these colors at all…

Yesterday when walking I saw this flower holder built on this house – I took a photo reference so my husband could build me one.

Well at least I can dream that he will 🙂 So lucky me – I think the colors are in this 🙂

colors 118 20103-2-24 Jade1