Pastel blues

April Ist, I should be pulling some prank, but I won’t bother, I will just post few more pastel blue, misty photos. The mist was so thick, that you can touch in in these. These are photos from two years back that I looked at again and well was rather happy about and I just wanted to share them. This is the road that leads us to our summer house, it is well documented in all 26 seasons we have travelled it.

Veikka being a white cat is easy to spot in all other seasons but winter, but then again we don’t let him out at home during winter, only at our summer house as there is not so much traffic and a whole lot less neighbours. Tinka on the other hand being small and a brown cat can disappear so easily into the nature, but then again Tinka is not so brave and stays near the house and our own land.

12 thoughts on “Pastel blues

  1. Of course lovely shots and I know the feeling of anticipation your must have about now. I feel that way once we decide when we’re going to go to Wyoming. Since it’s a very long two-day drive, we go for one time during the summer, for as long as possible. When my husband retires, we plan to spend half the summer there, as we share the cabin with my brother and his family.


    1. your drive is a bit longer than ours, it’s only hour and half for us 🙂 Your plans sound good, we spend long weekends and our holidays there most of the time. Come home to do laundry every now and then 🙂

  2. Amazing photos. Capturing the mist amongst the trees and fields, with captivating scenes is so incredible to observe. An eerie setting, yet almost like oil paintings you can hold.

    Thanks for bringing these to your site after 2 years in hiding!

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