52 Frames: Week 35:  Edited By Someone Else!

This week we want you to release your artistic expression by having your image Edited By Someone Else.  The point of this challenge is to gain insight into the creative process of another person and see how their interpretation would perhaps differ from your own.

Seeing different creative strokes can not only help to broaden our own understanding of other styles, but also help us to grow on our photo journey. I want to thank Pirjo Tuominen as she kindly edited my photo for this weeks challenge.

Pirjo Tuominen edited this photo of me.

Below you can se the original and the three different edits, I am sure you are able to pick the original easily that has no edits at all 🙂 I did not take time taking this mobile phone shot, I had my phone in the position that I have while i read something on it and I took the picture. I didn’t have other makeup than I had done my eyes 🙂 Now that I look at it, a foundation would have made a difference to the skin.


It is finally here 😊spring! The beautiful new green is pushing through. The birch trees look lovely with light green leaves the grass is fresh green, small flowers are emerging from the soil. I feel myself coming alive. Today is sunny and warm, i am embracing this yearly miracle. T cleaned the dust from the camera, I am ready once again to capture the beauty of this season.

My hands are itching to get started

52 Frames Week 1 – Selfie: Sick and tired

I got it, my hubby got it and my son too. I did this for a challenge but it is appropriate for saying, I will not be all that active in next few days

taking a Selfie

I am posting this for no other reason than I like this, I might have posted this before in color. This shot says so much about our culture nowadays. Post yourself in all photos, all in glamorous or nice places. I do not do that many selfies, but I do also like to look my best in them.

I also played with the light and contrast in this, how it sets the mood of the photo. I prefer the darker image myself


It has been a big trend , knitting that is. I decided to be part of it. I went out and bought some yarn 🧶 and knitted myself a beanie and a warm Elizabethan collar. The technique has something to desire, but I am rather happy with the result


How to survive November 2020-28

I have to admit, I have not written so much about me and my life before. I have just posted photos as i have assumed that no one is really interested in what I do, or mostly don’t do. I have thought my photos will speak for themselves. Now I am wondering what to do when November is over, should I return to me old ways or keep on writing this nonsense in the future too.

Yesterday I put on make-up after a long time, no one notices if I do or I don’t at home. I had an on-line interview yesterday, so I had made myself presentable. So I am going to be boring and post a photo of me with lots of editing in color and bnw and the original also to keep it real :-), as I have no other idea for today. so it’s a #selfie #over50 #makeup post.


Last night the moonlight beautifully shone into our bedroom.

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How to survive November 2020-26


Now we are at heart of November, even gray morning, dull would be the best word to describe it! Grays in different shades can be beautiful, but not this. Veikka is purring an keeping me company, laying on my desk, so soft and furry and content looking big cat. Boy, he sheds so much fur 🙂

Once again it 2 PM, to my surprise there is slight line of baby blue in the skyline. one thing to ne happy about in an otherwise BORING day. Now I have wo cats sitting on the desk and looking out of the window keeping me company.

I was so out of ideas that I could take photos of at home. So I took this reflection photo.


I took this photo of a Asian woman taking a selfie a year ago. I tried two different variations of black and white editing, by changing the contrasts and  emphasis of lights, I feel there is a notable change of the mood in them. I myself prefer the darker version.

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How to survive November – 5

This is always a day of Big decisions, at least for the ladies. I should not say all ladies, but to many women I know. What to do to your hair when at the hair salon. What color, what cut…

I have had red(carrot) hair nearly two years, but now everyone is turning red, I have to try something new a darker shade. A long bob has been my look for years. Today is time for change. This isn’t my best look, but it was something I did to survive this month of grayness.

Shells found on one of out trips to warm and sandy beaches. The original photo was taken 2014 so few years back, now I edited it and then converted it to B&W