How to survive November 2020-26


Now we are at heart of November, even gray morning, dull would be the best word to describe it! Grays in different shades can be beautiful, but not this. Veikka is purring an keeping me company, laying on my desk, so soft and furry and content looking big cat. Boy, he sheds so much fur 🙂

Once again it 2 PM, to my surprise there is slight line of baby blue in the skyline. one thing to ne happy about in an otherwise BORING day. Now I have wo cats sitting on the desk and looking out of the window keeping me company.

I was so out of ideas that I could take photos of at home. So I took this reflection photo.


I took this photo of a Asian woman taking a selfie a year ago. I tried two different variations of black and white editing, by changing the contrasts and  emphasis of lights, I feel there is a notable change of the mood in them. I myself prefer the darker version.

If you wish to participate in this survival of the darkest month challenge, use this link to add your post to it. PARALLEL LINES

6 thoughts on “How to survive November 2020-26

  1. Samaa mieltä, tuon tummempi versio tytöstä toimii paremmin.

    Heijastuksia varten ei tarvitse lähteä ulos kuvaamaan, lasi on niin kaunista. Sisällä kuvaaminen on kyllä haasteellista näinä harmaina päivinä!

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