How to survive November 2020-25

Christmas rose

Sitting at breakfast reading news even if they are not that inspiring. I started thinking about todays picture. So I was admiring the flower on the table and as quickly as the thought came to my head, it was done. Took my mobile, took a photo, problem solved. Sometimes its easy as that, if you don’t over think it. Small everyday joys, flowers saved the day!

joulu ruusu

The old photo is from our trip to the California last year. We met these old hippies, that is their words at a scenic stop on the road. The van and they look photographic together so we exchanged few pleasantries and I aske if I could take a photo.

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7 thoughts on “How to survive November 2020-25

  1. Voi kun tulisikin kesä ja koronat häipyisi taivaan tuuliin, niin pääsisi reissaamaan. Noin hienoa välinettä ei kyllä ole.

  2. Jouluruusu on ihana sekä väreissä että mustavalkoisena. Oikein kunnon lännen mies kuvssasi!

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