How to survive November 2020-29

Two more post for this November, this has passed so quickly! Thank you all for making it that happen, the comments and company. I am really at loss trying to come up with an idea for today.

Candles, they work as a mood enhancer so well. Together with shells from our travels they take me to the warm and sandy beaches we have visited, so looking forward to travel again, hopefully sooner than later.

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How to survive November – 5

This is always a day of Big decisions, at least for the ladies. I should not say all ladies, but to many women I know. What to do to your hair when at the hair salon. What color, what cut…

I have had red(carrot) hair nearly two years, but now everyone is turning red, I have to try something new a darker shade. A long bob has been my look for years. Today is time for change. This isn’t my best look, but it was something I did to survive this month of grayness.

Shells found on one of out trips to warm and sandy beaches. The original photo was taken 2014 so few years back, now I edited it and then converted it to B&W