Yesterday we had vile weather, lots of rain and wind. I still went out, braced myself to the weather, for a good cause. I picked few of my art works from the printer and later took my artwork to the person who commissioned them, sound so formal and grand. I felt so good to see the finalized work to see it as an artwork instead an image on the screen. She was happy, I was happy 🙂

If you like my artwork, take some time to check out my Art By Ritva pages.

Taking it easy

I have tried my best to stay away from the computer these past days. I think I have done pretty well, but just to keep the momentum going here I am again.

I did not take any photos of the food I made. But this is a chicken dish from a previous meal 🙂

Easter came and went, mainly at home. We saw our sons and grandkids. I tried couple new recipes. I am getting rather good at picking them and always slightly altering them. As all the restaurants are only doing take-away food, me trying new things gives our menus some variation. Teriyaki salmon and chicken lasagne tasted so good. I am rather proud of myself as I am not into cooking all that much – I mainly make good tasty homemade food, I have not been a recipe reader, I’ve stuck what I know. That is not to say my food isn’t tasty. It is 😀 LOL. Desperate times has made me an explorer. Making it easy for myself I am posting an old photo of a chicken meal we had.

I also have been working on an art project. I have been asked to do a Triptych to be placed in a master bedroom – not a church as first comes to mind when you hear that term. A trio of contemporary art, that I do. So all three pieces are different but go well together. It is always harder to do something specific to someone’s taste and colors. Even if the origin is one of my original art.