Yesterday we had vile weather, lots of rain and wind. I still went out, braced myself to the weather, for a good cause. I picked few of my art works from the printer and later took my artwork to the person who commissioned them, sound so formal and grand. I felt so good to see the finalized work to see it as an artwork instead an image on the screen. She was happy, I was happy 🙂

If you like my artwork, take some time to check out my Art By Ritva pages.

6 thoughts on “Sold

  1. Beautifully done and I also like your description – that is, you were happy seeing the finished product as more than a screen. Cheers to the delivery and sale – and OH … I took a closer look at the three. My initial favorite was the one with the person, but upon review, my favorite is the upper left flower. 🙂

    1. I said to the buyer, I am so impressed myself as they looked so good , the finished art 😂 . They are all different, I liked the woman it turned out better than I thought. Thanks so much for commenting, regards from the countryside

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