Kumian mylly

Kumian mills are located on the shore of Lake Salajärvi, the place where the landing river splits the narrow isthmus between the lake Salajärvi and lake Isokukkanen. The older, log mill building of the rubber mill dates from the 1890s and the tall wheat mill building from the 1930s.

I stopped to see how the mill has changed. It looks a bit different now than last year.

Kumiankoski is being restored to its natural state. Removing unnecessary dams is one of the easiest ways to protect and restore biodiversity.
The aim is to create a breeding ground and a hiking trail for endangered trout, among other things.
“The goal is an inherently rapids that allow fish to migrate. Planting of trout fry will begin immediately in the spring after rehabilitation. ”

At the same time, the length of Kumiankoski doubles from about 50 meters to one hundred meters.

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  1. Wonderful photography, dear Ritva ~ looks like a nice lake and glad to hear it’s being restored. Have a pleasant day, my friend 😊🌹

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