Vibrant autumn colors

I had to go out and take new photos of the berries I saw few days ago, they looked so lovely an I just I had to try to get new better shots of them.

vibrant berries

I am not a fan of the season, it is in the top three thou, but the autumn colors are amazing every year.

The autumn leaves

I Haven’t been out of the house so my seasonal photos are from my previous drive.

Feeling much better 🙂 Once again, I now remember how it feels to have the flu, I have to say, I have not missed this feeling. I have had so many cups of tea and cough drops in the past week.

Welcome September

The autumn colors are coming more obvious the change of the green to more yellow tones, muted. Orange and reds appearing on the leaves. Yesterday it poured, rain, sunshine, rain …in between i went hunting for droplets. Here is the shot of the day. I also have added the blurred and not so focused shots as I like them for the artsy feel. Not everything needs to be perfect.

Autumn Vibes ~22

Driving from Porkkala in the afternoon we passed this field with the woods in the background  and a river with deep blue water. This sight appealed to me, mostly due to the light, the low light if autumn is beautiful. The lone walker on the road also caught my attention.

Värikollaasi 146

autumn leaves ruska barrelss with photos

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