Throwback Thursday

We all have these photos … throwback photos! Don’t we just… so many. It’s described as ‘nostalgia-inducing pictures … from a different era of your life”.

This week (#TB Thursday). Thursday is filled with memories the past, in honor of my mother who passed away too soon, 35 year ago. Obviously these are from a different era and I did not take them.

My mom and her twin and in couple her older sister. I also added one with her and my dad, both passed away too soon. It was more of a custom to have your photo taken in a studio, now we take selfies.

Well on photo from me a throwback rose from my visit to see my sister in Vancouver in 2013. My sister a mom of four unfortunately has also moved to the greener pastures as the saying goes. Memories often hold lots of lost in them.

The last photo is of my mom’s parents and older siblings in 1930’s

Bouquet of flowers

A new week ahead and we are supposed to get summer temperatures, so looking forward to that.

The weekend went by quickly. Saturday we had -Talkoot- it is a word that english, german or swedish has a equivalent to. We we enjoying sausages, beer, cider and for kids juice by the grill taking after hard work of cleaning the common areas for summer. Raking, cleaning the playground area, washing the flagpole. Sometimes cutting down trees.

Well anyways, I asked our neighbours, a brit, Peter, Harald from germany and a swede if they had a word for this event that we all are participating in at the moment. Talkoo. No. Voluntary work? Dictionary had this to offer: bee, voluntary work, work party . The activities of the association are entirely based on volunteer work. I did find a work for german – Gemeinwerk.

Sunday, Mother’s Day we spent tidying up our own backyard enjoying the rather nice sunny day by being outside. I got a flower bouquet and mudcake with ice cream that we enjoyed with our son and grandkids as they popped by for a quick visit. Nothing fancy, but a nice day.

I obviously took photos of the flowers. I am sharing them with you now.