How to Survive November 2022 – 13

Rod Stewart I saw in Las Vegas 2019, I enjoy the rasp in his voice and many of his songs. He is a great entertainer.

The song I chose goes with the header photo I chose. I think this song has a message of compassion for all people, which is something we all should have.

Sir Roderick David Stewart is a British rock and pop singer and songwriter. Born and raised in London, he is of Scottish and English ancestry. With his distinctive raspy singing voice, Stewart is among the best-selling music artists of all time, having sold over 250 million records worldwide.

The song tells the life story of Georgie, a gay friend of the narrator.When young Georgie reveals his sexuality to his parents, his father asks, “How can my son not be straight, after all I’ve said and done for him?” Georgie, cast out by his parents, heads for New York City where he becomes successful and popular in Manhattan’s upper class, “the toast of the Great White Way”. The narrator visits him in Summer 1975, when Georgie tells him he’s in love; the narrator is pleased for him. Georgie attends the opening night of a Broadway musical, but has no interest in lingering afterward so he leaves “before the final curtain call” and heads crosstown. He is attacked near East 53rd Street by a New Jersey gang of thieves that was waiting in a car on a “darkened side street” and one thief inadvertently kills him. The narrator remembers Georgie’s advice on living life to the full while young, before it ends. The second part of song has the narrator pleading that Georgie stay.

Thanks PARALLEL LINES |in scale for hosting How to Survive November once again.

At the ‘How to Survive November‘ monthly theme we will combine photo and sound. You can select a piece of music to your taste and find a photo to portray the song or you can make a drawing, painting or collage. The picture can be from your archives or you can get it fresh. Enjoy and have fun!