How to Survive November 2022 – 17

The Killers are an American rock band formed in Las Vegas in 2001. The Killers have been grouped with various genres, including alternative rock, indie rock.

Don’t want your picture on my cell phone
I want you here with me
Don’t want your memories in my head, no
I want you here with me

Spent the summer just layin’ out in the sun
Time seems to move so slowly, when you’re taking it as it comes
Maybe we were just too young

Your body was tan and your hair was long
You shot me a smile and my cares were gone

Thanks PARALLEL LINES |in scale for hosting How to Survive November once again.

At the ‘How to Survive November‘ monthly theme we will combine photo and sound. You can select a piece of music to your taste and find a photo to portray the song or you can make a drawing, painting or collage. The picture can be from your archives or you can get it fresh. Enjoy and have fun!

Värikollaasi 117

Värikollaasi 117

Nämä värit ovat haastavat minulle ja mitään ei tahtonut tulla mieleen – onneksi on konserttea ja valoshow niissä upeita. Oheiset on The Killers keikalta.

Toinen on hiukan lähempää keittiönpöydän ympärillä otettuja kuvia.

These colors were a challenge, thank god for concerts and great light shows, there are from  The Killers concert in Helsinki.

The others are taken at home …around my kitchen table.

THe Killers At home