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  1. Not sure where in Finland you are, but if you’re ever in Lohja you are more than welcome to come here to the Vanha Talo Suomi gardens. Here you can find all manner of plants & trees; textures, leaves, colors and all the visiting wildlife; fox, badger, deer, bird, squirrel. Not to forget the insects; butterflies, bees, pests & predators and of course the millions of variations possible due to sun aspect; shade, clouds, time of day. I’m out there everyday, and everyday I see something unique. 🙂

    1. Thanks Kate, I might take you on that as I live close by in Kirkkonummi. Might take a day trip to meet you and see your gardens and renovations. Nice of you to invite me, have a sunny weekend, as we hope it will be if you believe in the weather forecast. Ritva

      1. Fantastic that you might swing over our way – sure hope you decide to make the time. Mid to late June should put us smack dab at peony blooming time. We have some of every variety, early, mid and late blooming. So the show lasts a good long time 🙂 That’s always a good time to see everything the first time around. but, as your time and schedule allows – we are always here 🙂 Welcome!/ Tervetuloa!

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