52 Frames, Week 5: Depth Of Field -2

It has snowed a lot lately, today there was a moment of sunshine and went out with an intention to capture  Depth Of Field – a super important concept in photography that often separates those photos that look “amateur” from those that look “professional” or as I like to call it, “profesh”.

In my previous post I had taken some shots outside, here are few I took inside still life. Once again I was sloppy, I forgot to dust the table prior the shots, well, so it goes.

Here are some of them, give me once again your valuable input as I try to improve my photo skills.


2 thoughts on “52 Frames, Week 5: Depth Of Field -2

  1. My favorite is the big one on the right. The one at the top doesn’t have enough in focus for me or maybe that it’s because what’s in focus doesn’t really stand out against what’s behind it.

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