contrasting colors

I am continuing to participate in 52 frames – this week the theme contrasting colors, as its still all snowy here in Finland trying to find contrasting colors in the nature is a real challenge, so I did not take it on.

I had oranges on the table – I have a blue wall in my living room, with light coming in from the side from a big window. I have a matching blue linen dress to place on the sidetable to get my still life props in order, Easy solution from thing found in the house.

As you can see all of them are VERY similar, with slightly different lighting and contrast , as well as the blue looks a bit different in all. This is something I spend too much time at… well that what I do, and then trying to pick a hopefully the best one for the challenge, second guessing my choice all the time.

Color play with fruits

These are such a contrast to the snow floating behind my window and this being the first day of spring. Today is the spring equinox, when day and night are about the same length all over the globe. As spring progresses, the days lengthen and the nights shorten in Finland and elsewhere in the northern hemisphere. The joy of this 🙂 is enormous!

I took more still life photos of fruits to pass the time

A Granny Smith and grapes and an Orange. Shadow and light. Color play.

Fruits on an oak pot coaster? Is that a right word?


I was reminded that one should not to play with food 😀 , LOL, so I took the advice and instead I did arrangements with fruit.

Granny Smith and Golden Delicious plus Oranges. Shadow and light. Bright Colors

These are such a contrast to the snow floating behind my window. Enough of white already, it is lovely when it first arrives, this time of the year not so much.