This month’s theme is peach, in my FB photography group. I struggled with it for a while since peaches where not available in the stores until recently – it was not their season 🙂 Well, anyways I found some peaches in the end and took photos of them. Feel free to comment, I am still on a constant learning curve.


I tried to create different moods, time periods (nostalgic) and obviously variations in compositions. I was not all that creative this time in that sense, but you cannot always succeed 🙂

Row of peaches

23 thoughts on “Peaches

  1. The header (and last) photos are wonderful, Ritva. Soft enough that I can almost feel the peach fuzz. So well done!

  2. Beautiful images, Ritva. The second one really gets to me, the warmth in the colours of that closest fruit; and also the wonderful bright colours in the penultimate image. 🙂

      1. Ritva, its a pleasure! But I think you’re having the same problem I’m having when answering comments – we’ve got to use the “Reply” button immediately under our reply and not the Reply box itself. I can see your previous reply (ie the one just like the one I’m now replying to), but its down at the bottom of my comments, on its own ie not related to any previous comment. 🙂 .

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