52 Frames, Week 8: Rule Of Thirds !

I had no idea to begin with to this challenge, but as we yesterday went to a museum tours, it kind a came to me. The new locations and the lights there and few moments captured my attention. I have 20 hours to choose what I am going to submit. Want to help me?

The first one I liked that the girl in the phot and the subject where both looking down. same but with to different compositions. These are from Pictorialism – the Dawn of Photographic Art

The Rule Of Thirds  – one of the earliest photo composition techniques that an aspiring photographer comes across in their photo journey.

It’s simple, versatile, and effective in many situations.

It’s a classic for a reason – it works well and improves photographic composition immensely.

Simply put, place two vertical lines to divide the image into 3 equal columns and two horizontal lines so you also have 3 equally-sized horizontal rows so the entire scene is divided into 9 segments. (Think, tic-tac-toe grid.) Place points of interest in the scene where the lines meet to improve the overall look and feel of the image.

These are from the Theatre Museum.

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