Forest Health

I often find peace and calmness in the forest, a great place to gather your thoughts. Have a spiritual moment 🙂


Forest Health, is not only a Finnish luxury, I am sure it is recognized all over the world. Shinrin-yoku, as they call it in Japan, is a famous way of spending time in nature. Research has shown that people who practice forest bathing , exposure to forests and trees gets these benefits from it: 1. boosts the immune system 2. lowers blood pressure 3. reduces stress 4. improves mood 5. increases ability to focus, even in children with ADHD 6. accelerates recovery from surgery or illness 7. increases energy level 8. improves sleep

I went to a forest…

One thought on “Forest Health

  1. I found this to be true both in the park I visited often in Illinois and in the mountains in Wyoming. Here in Arizona, there aren’t forests near me, so I go to the Riparian Preserve when I can so that I can at least be around some trees, plants, and animals. Very different here.


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