Autumn chores

Autumn chores at the summer house nearly every year includes burning of dry twigs that you have left from cutting down trees. That was in the agenda this year too.

2 thoughts on “Autumn chores

  1. Beautiful leaf shots, Ritva. When we lived in Ohio and had a wood-burning stove, suddenly twigs and branches became fodder for the stove, although there were more twigs than we could ever hope to burn. I take pride in the fact that we never bought wood. I found it everywhere and every time I saw a tree being cut down, I’d see if I could take some wood. 🙂


    1. We have so much trees on our property at the summer home that we do not have buy them, I usually tell my that that tree is in the suns way… could you cut it😊 at home we buy the logs so we can burn them in a fireplace.

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