Just because…

Today feels like spring when you look out of the window, blue skies, melting snow showing grass on shovelled paths. You can feel it. Spring in will be here moths to come. It is wonderful to wake up in the morning and it is bright outside, it makes is so much easier. All these changes are welcome as we are brasing to more tighter restrictions as the british variant is taking hold and spreading fast.

The Government proposes closing food and beverage service businesses during the emergency conditions from 8 to 28 March 2021, except for in areas where the epidemic is at a stable level. However, meals may be sold to customers for takeaway.

Comfort and take away food

In addition, with effect from 8 March 2021, the upper grades of comprehensive school will be instructed to switch to temporary distance learning in areas where the epidemic is in the community transmission or acceleration phase. Group hobbies for young people over 12 years of age may be suspended.

Apathy is slowly taking hold, as I am sure everyone is feeling the tiredness to this situation. I’m so bored. I have actively trying to do my art projects so I have something going on in my life other than watching TV. The ice will melt, flowers and nature will bloom… this too will pass.

Frozen flowers