snails and / or slugs

we had some thunderstorms and rain yesterday, and what did I find in our backyard afterwoods, snails. These not so attractive things got to be my choice of topic.

12 thoughts on “snails and / or slugs

    1. Thanks Frank. I’m a bit down so I have not been active before yesterday. posting or reading has been to the minimum I will get back to posting after our midsummer celebrations. Thanks for asking 🙂

  1. Excellent photos as usual, Ritva. Sorry to read that you’re a bit down. I hope by now you’re feeling better and enjoying the long days. We used to get slugs in our garden in Ohio and put shallow containers of beer into the ground where the slugs would fall in a drown. No remorse! They wanted to eat my plants so it was war. We used cheap beer and always called the cheap brands “slug beer.”


    1. Death by beer. We took Veikka, our white cat to the vet and he is very ill. We have to put him to sleep in few weeks time. So sad about it, he’s been with us for 9 years is still young… looks beautiful but he might have a heart attack any time. Processing this information and having few cries…

  2. Ritva, I’m so sorry to hear about Veikka, I can very well imagine what a sad time this is for you and your family. Take care. Adrian

      1. Yes, my dear, it will be hard, because we become so attached to our pets. Perhaps the best way to look at it is that you are preventing Veikka having any more suffering and perhaps a sudden a painful death.

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