September close-up – Blue Poppy 

Since I am sharing close-ups , I’ve decided also to participated in Cee’s Flower of the Day challenge. This time the P letter is also is attached to it 🙂 Poppy. The enchanting Blue Poppy  blooms late spring and early summer. Such a rich true blue flower is a rare garden treasure.

Blue poppy
Blue poppy 2
Blue poppy 3

15 thoughts on “September close-up – Blue Poppy 

  1. What a little beauty this is! I didn’t know there were blue poppies–I’ve only ever seen photos of red ones. This is lovely, Ritva.

      1. I have, Ritva. I am up in NW Florida, whereas Ian hit SW Florida. It is a mess down there. They are calling this with worst hurricane FL has ever seen.

        1. Northwest Florida is very pretty, Ritva. I am not sure how much damage was done in St Augustine, but look into that and Jacksonville. Tallahassee and St Mary are also pretty. All these towns are quite large (by FL standards), but all also have lovely older historic sections which I love, and I think you would, too.

        2. St Augustine was one of the places we were planning to visit, but I read that Tropical Storm Ian on Thursday afternoon as water breached the seawall and rushed into the historic city. So don’t know how it will look. The old areas appeal to us more. I will look into these places for sure. Thankss for your help.

          Savannah and Charleston SC were also on our list. We will have to see how much damage the Ian has done there.Our base will be in Boynton Beach.

        3. Oh, that is a shame. Savannah and Charleston are great places to visit!! So much to see. Ian’s just now making its way there…I didn’t know about St Augustine…

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