Saturday Classics – 15042023

Simply Red – Stars

“The second single to be taken from 1991’s Stars album and one of the most memorable hits of the 90s.

The most-logical explanation of Simply Red’s “Stars” would be that the vocalist is singing to his romantic interest.  The first verse is symbolic of his strong feelings for her. And the second verse is apparently indicative of them having some serious issues relationship. In the bridge especially it is revealed that the addressee has done something which has “hurt” the singer significantly.

I read that , Throughout the years, Hucknall has given many interviews offering another angle behind the inspiration for Stars. “There’s a theme of being famous and what that means and how do you keep yourself normal,” the singer has said. “I had this fixation with stardom and what that does to a person.” Given that he was already one of the biggest pop stars in the world at the time, Hucknall used the song to explore his views on stardom by reflecting on love as a means of bringing him back down to earth (“I wanna fall from the stars/Straight into your arms”). Speaking of its lyrics and his relationship with fame, Hucknall admits that Stars is really “just all about sort of escaping from that”.

Anyone who ever held you
Would tell you the way I’m feeling
Anyone who ever wanted you
Would try to tell you what I feel inside
The only thing I ever wanted
Was the feeling that you ain’t faking
The only one you ever thought about
Wait a minute, can’t you see that I

Wanna fall from the stars
Straight into your arms, I
I feel you, I hope you comprehend

For the man who tried to hurt you
He’s explaining the way I’m feeling
For all the jealousy I caused you
States the reason why I’m trying to hide
As for all the things you taught me
It sends my future into clearer dimensions
You’ll never know how much you hurt me
Stay a minute, can’t you see that I


Too many hearts are broken
A lover’s promise never came with a maybe
So many words are left unspoken
The silent voices are driving me crazy
After all the pain you caused me
Making up could never be your intention
You’ll never know how much you hurt me
Stay, can’t you see that I

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