Saturday Classics – 13052023

‘All Around The World’ Lisa Stansfield, barry white

This week this popped to my mind, and the addition of Barry White is a a sweet addition… that voice.

This song about searching for a lost love is the biggest hit for Lisa Stansfield, a white soul singer from England. It was the first ever US R&B #1 hit by a white UK female, and topped the charts in about a dozen countries.

The spoken intro came about when Stansfield, her boyfriend Ian Devaney, and other band member Andy Morris were sitting around the piano. Andy played some chords and Lisa began talking in a low voice, in a Barry White way. They liked the way it sounded and put it on the record. Stansfield, Devaney and Morris are the writers on the track.

The “ya ya ya ya”s in the chorus were put in as a placeholder until Lisa could come up with real lyrics. The nonsense placeholder worked so well, however, that they left it in.

Ian Devaney recalled in 1000 UK #1 Hits by Jon Kutner and Spencer Leigh, “We booked this little studio and started a really rough demo on an eight-track machine with Lisa’s voice being done in one take. When we came to the proper recording, we transferred the original vocals to 24-track, added some strings and transferred it back to eight-track which we later mixed at home.” (songfacts)

I don’t know where my baby is
But I’ll find him, somewhere, somehow
I’ve got to let him know how much I care
I’ll never give up looking for my baby

Been around the world and I, I, I
I can’t find my baby
I don’t know when, I don’t know why
Why he’s gone away
And I don’t know where he can be, my baby
But I’m gonna find him

We had a quarrel and I let myself go
I said so many things, things he didn’t know
And I was oh, oh so bad
I don’t think he’s comin’ back, mm-mm
He gave the reason, the reasons he should go
And he said things he hadn’t said before
And he was oh, oh so mad
And I don’t think he’s comin’ back, comin’ back

I did too much lyin’, wasted too much time
Now I’m here a’cryin’, I, I, I


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