These variations I did  from Stacys image. The first one is the one I sent to Stacy. I did this as soon as I got the photo, and to be honest I do not remember what I did with it other than quite a lot

3-Ritva Sillanmäki One Photo Focus June (4 of 4)
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23 Replies to “One Photo Focus challenge”

  1. Ritva, so many fun and wonderfully iterations! I laughed when I read that you couldn’t remember what you had done to the first one – I end up there a lot 😀 I like how your aggressive cropping really accentuates some of the prettiest aspects of the house. Truthfully, I hadn’t thought to do that. That’s why I love this forum. We each remind each other that there are so many ways to visualize something! Thanks so much for joining the challenge 🙂 I hope you enjoyed it enough to return!

    1. Thanks Stacy I had, fun my problem is that I do not know when to stop. This lovely house sure caught my attention, The porch is something I would love to have in my own house. That is the reason for the cropping 🙂 I will definately join again, thanks fof hosting

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