MONOCHROME MADNESS: Pompeii Artifacts ; for MM 2-21

Ritva's Art - Monochrome Photography

I visited Pompeii  in  June, as you know if you have seen my previous posts.  The site was lost for about 1,500 years until its initial rediscovery in 1599 and broader rediscovery almost 150 years . The objects that lay beneath the city have been well-preserved for centuries because of the lack of air and moisture. These provide an extraordinarily detailed insight into the life of a city during the Pax Romana.  The first photo is what I’ve sent to Leanne Cole for  Monochrome Madness ChallengeRitva Sillanmäki -archaeological find _ Pompeii  (4 of 6)

 During the excavation, plaster was used to fill in the voids in the ash layers that once held human bodies. This allowed one to see the exact position the person was in when he or she died.

Pompeii (31 of 47)Pompeii (29 of 47)Pompeii (33 of 47)

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