How to survive November ~14

Decorations that make the work place more personal

Yes, no inspiration. Sorry for being so , well boring. I was sitting at my desk at work and I thought that is what I can post, picture of some decorations on my desk. I mean, I am grateful I have a job, that makes it easier to survive and not just November . Well I am revealing more of myself in November than other months…interested or not.  I tried the new way to do a post and edit the text, it did not work so smoothly…

Decoration at work.

8 thoughts on “How to survive November ~14

  1. You tried that ‘new editor’? I trashed my post with the new one. I could not figure out how to pingback or attach a photo. What a disaster. I went back and used the old one.
    I think you are surviving November very nicely–I am enjoying these photos!

    1. I had trouble getting the paragraph in, in the end I got the hand. Might need few more posts so I am more comfortable with it. Glad you Are enjoying them I am really struggling. as it is dark when I go to work and dark when I leave…

  2. Ritva, its very good to learn more about you on November – its certainly not boring at all! And I always use the old editor too, it works like a charm and does just what I want! Adrian 🙂

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