I am back from Las Vegas

It is mid November, the darkness and grayness is starting to get to me. This is the time I start to hibernate. I have no desire to go out or do much. I have decided to try to pass this period by posting photos from my trip in October to Las Vegas and California. I have posted several in my FB profile but now I will try to tackle them in chronicler order. So my first photos are from the hotel that we stayed at in Las Vegas The Aria Resort and Casino. I am not a gambler, but I did spend some time at the pool and walked through the place several time. It is huge, just to get out you end up walking a kilometer

Las Vegas Boulevard

4 thoughts on “I am back from Las Vegas

  1. Beautiful set of pictures, Ritva, especially the 3rd and 4th down. What an incredible place! So sorry to hear the grey days are making you sad again – but these grey days will pass! Adrian

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