Las Vegas Desert

The second day we where contemplating as what to do. As stated we do not gamble so instead of heading to the casinos we went to see sights. Our first place to visit was Valley of Fire in the Mojave Desert. It is unbelievable that in the middle of the desert you can find these beautiful red rock formations. I will post several post from there as I did take so many photos of this colorful place.

These photos are from the drive through the “normal” Las Vegas desert with the mountains surrounding it beautifully. It does not look that spectacular, but if you look closely you can see beauty here too. What do you think, have I captured beauty of the desert?

8 thoughts on “Las Vegas Desert

      1. I was working in Arabia, mostly in the Sultanate of Oman. and they were rocky deserts. Then, in Kenya, I did a lot in the deserts of the north – beautiful, desolate country. 🙂

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