The not so glamorous side

it has been years since my prior visit, but I have to say that the sadness and poverty in so much more prominent today on the streets of Las Vegas. Also the ways various people are trying to make a living. I am posting these just to remind me and us that there is always the other side to glamour. I am not so used to seeing it. so it made me very sad.

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  1. This is sad, Rivka. And the part of the city they never want you to see. To the moneymakers, it’s all ‘bright lights, big city.’ Powerful post.

    1. Thanks Lois, life had not treated some of our friends with the best hand, and I have to say I was great-full for which direction my own life has gone. what to be grateful for. I have to say that US is a very hard on you if you don’t have a job or money. This is a outsiders take on it of coarse.

      1. You are absolutely right, Ritva. I have seen it in my line of work. Far too many people live paycheck to paycheck. Not a fun way to live at all.

  2. Yes, Ritva, this is a part of humanity, of the human condition, “there is always the other side to glamour” as you say; and I have seen it in many places, most notably in the Third World, I suppose, where the divide between the have’s and the have-nots can be so much starker and more pronounced. Along with your posts on all the lights etc of Las Vegas, its very good to show this other side too – the underlying realities. A 🙂

    1. Adrian, there is that. I often document it, but have been hesitant to post it. The truth is not so much tun to see, to be reminded of the reality. I often ponder where is the line and what is “social porn” what is reality… if you know what I mean. I would not be able to go to the really poverty stricken, I would be so upset and the fact that I am not able to really do anything about it.

      1. I understand exactly what you mean, Ritva; and I agree, I wouldn’t want to photograph really poverty stricken people alone >>> but I think that here, in this post, as a stark contrast to the wealth and glitz of Las Vegas its a very worthwhile thing – its good to be allowed to see this reality alongside all of the much publicised glitz.

  3. Poverty in any form is a sad sight and sometimes those who are stuck in it cannot see any other way of getting out of it too. I have never been to the US, but still it’s sad to see this in any country.

    Where I come from in Asia poverty is very visible and meet you everyday, and is a sad fact that seems to be getting worse for many complicated reasons of society with each year.

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