in my twenties

Many of us enthusiast photographers are now at home and trying to think of what to photograph. Still life, food photos are the first things that come to mind. I decided not to do that. I am going to start scanning old photos, make a project of it. I have hundred of photos that are fading in albums and boxes. Now is the time to scan the best ones. I might even share some of my finds.

There has been a challenge going on to post a picture of your self when you were young. This is one of me in my twenties. Even then I loved the sea and beaches, somethings remain the same. So do not be surprised if you end up seeing photos from the past decades.

7 thoughts on “in my twenties

  1. Ritva, I think your idea re scanning old photos is an absolutely excellent one! I did the same some years back, and am totally pleased I decided to do it. Quite a few have appeared on my blog. Go for it!!! Adrian 🙂

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