Spam, Spam & Spam

I have been having trouble with getting the comments and likes etc to my screen. This feature did not at all, I mainly saw them on my app on my phone. Not the most convenient to say the least, it frustrated me totally. I got help, I have to say that when you contact the help on WordPress they do respond immediately. I appreciate that. That said, I had an invasion of spams, mainly from Russia and they all were sent in the past week over 2500 of them. They jammed my sites!!!

That is huge amount – 2500 spams in weeks time, please see your sites if similar thing is happening to you. All these came after I’ve updated the themes on both of my sites Ritva’s Art- Photography and ART BY RITVA .

The photo I’ve chosen is in no way related to the topic. It is a photo of an old ledger book. I just like the photo 🙂

3 thoughts on “Spam, Spam & Spam

  1. That’s crazy. I just checked my spam folder–zero. Thanks for the warning, Ritva, and I’m glad they were able to help you.

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