How to survive November 2020-16

Smooth rocks from the beach

Now it is a typical November, Monday morning. Even gray, dim light and slightly colder +4,5C, it has drizzled a bit as the ground is wet. One of those uninspiring days that you come across every now and then, though often in November.

Today started as it normally does, wake up, quick read of the news in bed, as I have no desire to get up. My hubby has already risen had his coffee and is working in his office, so I am in no hurry. But habit makes it hard to stay in bed too long. So up I get, have my coffee, read yesterdays news from the newspaper, alright there are some articles that are better read from the paper.

I am surprising myself as I decide to marinade our todays lunch at breakfast, Teriyaki chicken is on the menu today, with bell peppers, onion and zucchini with rise. So ambitious of me 🙂

Now I need to relax, so much done, as the the day is what it is. Yes, a warm, very warm bath will relax me!

So Now I need to figure out what is my photo of the day going to be, me in a bubble bath, Hmmn… Food photo, marinating chicken does not look that appealing in a photo. Rocks from the ocean will go wit the music I chose to bring to your attention. Do have a listen 🙂 (Sounds so British )

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Smooth rocks from the beach

I say this question in FB What is the best TV Theme song of all time? The first song that came to mind was The Onedin Line ( Merilinja) so I listened to this piece of music, it brought so many memories back

The other one I Love is, Myrskyluodon Maija, this one always brings tears to my eyes, it you have not heard this please listen, it is beautiful.

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  1. Voi pojat, että olisikin kylpyamme! Loikoilisin siellä aina ja sitten taas 🙂

    Rantakivet kyllä vähän lohduttaa.

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