Washing lines

I was commenting to Sue about her post Monday Washing Lines and mentioned I had few photos of wash hanging on lines in odd places. So here is my finds on this topic, what I recalled having easily available. I loved the image with the washing seen between the bell tower of the church in Ravello.

9 thoughts on “Washing lines

  1. In Europe, everyone hangs clothes out. In the States, some places don’t allow you to do so or, like where we live, unless no one can see it. Here that’s easy as the houses all have walls around them but for Pete’s sake, it’s just laundry!!


    1. it is getting rare here too, but people do still do it in the countryside, but even there it’s not so common anymore. But I agree, it’s just laundry, I used to do it more, but when my kids were small they had allergies, pollens, and the doctor advised us not to hang our laundry outside at certain time of year. (Birch, hay) So we got a dryer 🙂

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