Flower shop

Today feels like spring, we on the plus side in temperature, the sky is blue. You can hear the snow melting.

I went to a local flower shop to make a request for a flower bouquet for my uncles funeral.

I want to it to represent a him, I do not wish it to be so traditional more personal. So I requested that it would have materials from the forest on it pine tree branches, tree cones, different greens and season appropriate flowers as he was a outdoor kind of man.

I do not know what it will look like in when done, but something like this is what I have in mind.

Well I could not coe home without buying something to take home so I had this small bouquet made for me with blues and pinks. I rather like it, something different.

Looking at these photos on the monitor they don’t look so great, but I will let that pass. I am just sharing the everyday little joys of life.

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