Misty blues

March has gone past so quickly, April is here soon. Easter. I have to mention is, because usually for many years now, we have started our summer house season then. Many times in the recent years easter has been in the middle or end of April, and that has helped regarding the weather. It has looked something like in the pictures here at that time. At the moment there is so much snow there that we won’t be able to drive to our house. So most likely we will just drive there, walk to the house and put the electricity on to warm up the house for our next visit.

In a way it is good as my right arm, shoulder is so so sore that I have trouble doing anything, even using the mouse is a strain. I ordered a roller mouse, it will help with the pain as all the movement is in the middle where the keyboard is. I have done my best to try to stay away from the computer.

10 thoughts on “Misty blues

  1. Sorry for your arm trouble. I’m feeling a bit of pain just below my elbow on my right arm, which may also be computer-related but I’m not sure. Just trying to take it easy and wear a band there that takes the pressure off. Love your photos today (and every day). Take care of that arm. I bet you can’t wait to get to the cabin. I know I’d would be looking forward to it.


    1. I don’t know if it is the age or what, but this started out of nowhere and the wrong movement goes through the whole hand. I am trying to stay away from the computer, obviously not doing all that good of a job. You rest your hand also and thanks Janet for your kind words 🙂

  2. Take care of yourself, Ritva. I found moving my wrist around in circles and doing finger exercises help relieve pain from using my computer too much. 🌼

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