Featured artist in Curatorial Volume.3

Hey, I am featured 🙂


Yeah, I am one if the featured artists

Curatorial Volume.3is a captivating documentation of today’s leading contemporary artists showcasing current artwork of the highest calibre.

This book takes a rare and insightful behind-the-scenes look at the lives and creative practices of artists working in multiple disciplines from around the globe.Curatorial Volume.3highlights the varied and dynamic use of media and techniques, as well as trends shaping today’s visual culture.

Curatorial Volume.3 is an essential guide for marketing and design teams, interior decorators, art buyers and creative practitioners who want to connect and collaborate with influential contemporary artists.

Check out my online portfolio for the book at https://capsulesbook.com/ritva-sillanmki-1

You can find my work in this book to buy it press here

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