Monochrome Madness (19)- Billnäs

One of these photos is my submission to week 19 to the  Monochrome Madness Challenge hosted by Leanne Cole and Laura Macky.

Iron (1 of 1)-2

All details can be seen better by clicking at an image to enlarge them.

Iron (4 of 5)

I visited the small town of Billnäs last weekend such a pictureque place. These pictures are details of one of the mills machines.

Carl Billsten founded Billnäs ironworks in 1641. In Billnäs many buildings remain from the end of the 18thcentury. Nowadays, Billnäs is known for the world-famous orange-handled scissors made by Fiskars Oy, the knife and tools manufacturer.

Billnäs has become an important centre for building renovation in Finland thanks to “Byggnadsapoteket” (the house repairing consultants) who also run courses in-house restoration. The ironworks area has a gardening history dating back more than 350 years, and the oldest plant nursery in Finland.

Billsten`s period (1641-1723)The location of Ironworks was good – In Billnäs the River Mustio has a large precipice so there was no need for larger weir. Also the transport connections from sea and land were good. Alike the needed expendable wood was received from the forests in the surroundings of Billnäs.

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