WEDNESDAY at an Art Exhibition

These are photos from my art exhibition.Some of my Black and White photographs, Photo-collages and paintings are there to be viewed. These are not the best of pictures, but they give an overview of the exhibition.
BOY#2 (2 of 102)

9 thoughts on “WEDNESDAY at an Art Exhibition

  1. I wish there was a website of the exhibition, Ritva ! – but I compliment you most sincerely, anyway ! I’m saddened by not being able to see those GORGEOUS little mosses … 🙂

  2. Unfortunately there’s (obviously) no real eyecatcher when entering the exhibitions room. At least one or two (or much more) photographs should be printed in a much bigger scale – most of the photo are displayed in (what I call) a ‘shy style’. Always remember: You never get a second chance to make a (great) first impression! And to make a good impression was one of the goals of that photo exhibition???

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