Kicking off my sandals I lie back on the cushions, take a sip of a local wine, Not a good choice and watch the palm trees drifting by. It’s the start of my second week in Goa and we’re spending it on a Kerala style rice boat on the Chapora River in northern Goa.
We leave just before sunset and sitting on the top deck, watch the world go by. This has to be the perfect way to relax.. Spending the night on the houseboat was the one thing we were all most looking forward to. Here are some shots of the boat, I can highly recommend this. It was like in a Hercule Poirot movie.
As the sun sets behind the palms the scene is so picturesque, that I continue taking photos so I will capture the wonder of it.


  1. lepis says:

    Ihana katsella näitä ja imeä kuvista upeasti välittyvä valo ja lämpö! Nautinnollista varmasti noin kauniissa laivassa matkustaminen.

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