Martins Beach

the distinctive shark’s tooth rock at Martin’s Beach 

Martins Beach on the San Mateo County coast, seven miles south of Half Moon Bay. The only way onto this scenic beach is a single road through private property.  The owner restricted access to that road by displaying “No Trespassing” signs, charging parking fees, and locking its access gate. 

We went there anyways as we we advised that it is a great spot for photography, as it was. We spent few hours there watching the changing skies over the ocean. The sky had different shades depending what direction you looked at and also as time passed to evening , that also had some effect. There we about five other people there also taking photos and one surfer also came.

4 thoughts on “Martins Beach

  1. Such a shame about the private property. We had people here in the Florida Panhandle trying to block access to the public beach. It went to court and the case is still pending.

  2. Wow … wow and more wows! They a trully stunning. The scenery is magnificent, and you have caught and tamed the light beautifully, Ritva!

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