Happy cows

It is rare to see cows outside nowadays, so I get exited every time I do see them in the field. You can see them more than some years back, but still. So, I ask my hubby to stop the car so I can take photos, he kindly obliges so my whims. Now I would like to share my excitement (photos) of seeing HAPPY COWS under the blue sky on green field.

6 thoughts on “Happy cows

    1. They are more outside now, with the new regulations. Winters are cold here and the land is frozen so that why they are kept inside, and I think farmers started to keep them in also during summer time, but there is a new regulation its been in effect for some time( several years) that they should be let out during summer and many do that, but there are not so many farmers were I usually am so I don’t get to see them

      1. Thank you, Ritva. I totally misunderstood. These cows look very happy to be outside. I love that your husband obliges your whims. Mine does the same…..more times than I think he would like!

        1. My hubby is great, he carries my equipment, gives me lenses , checks for good spots, if they are in ‘harder’ spots. He helps with stands for my statues, I give ideals and he does his best to do them, I am lucky, I’ve got a good one ❤️

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